Extra guide in help

@yeokm1 yeokm1 released this Nov 2, 2014

Extra guide for those people that type their NUSNET password in. In this case, the quota will work but not the SSH stuff which gives a false sense of correctness.

Settings page: Close keyboard when user taps outside of textfield or when save button is pressed.

Print page: "Page Range" -> "Page range"

Include page range feature.

@yeokm1 yeokm1 released this Oct 5, 2014

Page range feature using ghostscript
Added launch screen for iOS 8 devices
Revised launch images
Retina 3x assets

First Ad-hoc IPA

@yeokm1 yeokm1 released this Sep 20, 2014

This release has a slight change compared to the App Store version. Just a minor spelling correction in the deletion text.

MD5: 6b0da535cb0474befe216c5258f71a51