Input file path issues

@yeokm1 yeokm1 released this Dec 23, 2014

  1. Prevent crash when importing unsupported file
  2. Corrected bug of not converting certain file paths properly for Android 4.4 and up

Admin changes

@yeokm1 yeokm1 released this Dec 22, 2014

  1. Reduce minimum supported OS back to Android 2.1 by overriding Google Play Services minimum SDK. Only Flurry Analytics uses this and it has been checked for.
  2. Use binary units for file sizes
  3. Refactored Flurry Analytics code

Massive UI update

@yeokm1 yeokm1 released this Dec 21, 2014

Less cluttered UI
Page range available for all pages per sheet options
Detailed printing progress status
File browsing tool retrieves from other apps as well
Button to email me for help
Colour scheme and font based on Android 5.0
Minimum supported OS increased to Android 2.3 due to Google Play library issues

Uses Android Studio instead of Eclipse to build. Synchronise UI layout with the iOS version.
Massive refactoring and code cleanup
ActionbarSherlock dropped in favour of Google's appcompat library

Fix quota crash

@yeokm1 yeokm1 released this Mar 20, 2014

Fix crash on quota page refresh complete.
Linkify my email.

MD5: B1A143196BAF3FC7D023C928D526E65C
SHA-1: D3063BF00DDDFD1D997984EB706D97CD5FB5BD39

Quota page now just shows quota numbers direct instead of directing to webpage. Quota numbers are obtained from parsing the POST response of the mysoc quota page.

MD5: D4DC5BF4CE111FC1B5FA5821CC9D873A
SHA-1: A673B573D846BD0B8E05BE2FB1A0B5EA7C609BF5


Fix crash on ART-enabled phones

@yeokm1 yeokm1 released this Mar 18, 2014

On phones which have been set to use ART, v0.52 crashes on SSH connection start. To rectify this issue, I included the entire JSCH source files in the code.

Still beta.

MD5: 82FA7A607C0661807ECB20740F22B36D
SHA-1: 563208500016EFC21B0DC78B7AD11B7C2A268847

Minor bug fix

@yeokm1 yeokm1 released this Dec 26, 2013

Prevent crash on app resume

MD5: DFAD868F14508E09DCD561936A298BA4
SHA-1: 217B17B774D956272F27F681F9C5AB6ACF0741B8

Bug Fixes

@yeokm1 yeokm1 released this Dec 25, 2013

Corrected bug in method 3 about PDF formatting command
Keep screen on during network operations
Prevent crash on app resume


A major step forward

@yeokm1 yeokm1 released this Dec 9, 2013

Experimental support for DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX and ODT files using my docs to pdf program

Solved Pages/Sheet dropdown menu bug on Android 4.3
Progress meter during document upload

MD5: D06EE588EEBB3789D7E48B66CFD4455B
SHA-1: AA0BCB90B991D5E7D5E4E199F6115321F7173D81


@yeokm1 yeokm1 released this Sep 29, 2013 · 232 commits to master since this release

(29 Sept 2013)

Bugfix for preferencelist fragment.