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Generator Mobile Build Status

A mobile-first generator based on Web Starter Kit.

Web Starter Kit

In addition to what Web Starter Kit already provides, this generator creates a deploy task.

Yeoman generator

Getting started

You will need NodeJS, npm and yeoman installed.

  1. Install this generator with npm install --global generator-mobile.
  2. Run yo mobile and answer a few questions about the site you want to build.
  3. The latest release will be fetched from Web Starker Kit repo and adjusted accordingly to your answers.
  4. Build the site as usual using the instructions on the WSK repo skipping the download step.
  5. If you've chosen a deployment option, run gulp deploy to publish the site.

Hosting and Deployment options

There are 3 hosting categories currently supported by the generator: static hosting, PaaS providers and regular servers.

Here's a list of implementation status for each category.

Static hosting



Deployment options (servers only)

Please, refer to the docs folder for details about hosting and deployment.


  1. Fork the repo and create a local copy with

    git clone

  2. Create a new branch to work on a bugfix or a new feature with

    git checkout -b branch-name.

  3. Add new tests or modify existing ones to reflect the changes you want to make.

  4. Make the changes until npm test is all green again.

  5. Occasionally push changes to github with git push origin branch-name.

  6. Iterate over 3-5 as many times as you want.

  7. You can also try running the generator with your local changes manually using npm link.

  8. Once you're satisfied, create a pull request.


BSD license Copyright (c) Google


Scaffold out a mobile project based on Web Starter Kit






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