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@robdodson robdodson released this Feb 13, 2015 · 139 commits to master since this release

This is a big release. Not unlike its namesake, the goanna!


As the name implies, this release adds much awaited Gulp support, as well as a few changes to bring it more inline with the Web Starter Kit project.


  • Added GulpJS support
  • Replaced LiveReload with BrowserSync
  • App template now generates a Material Design scaffold using core-* elements.


  • #115 test/index has seed-element-basic.html in loadSuites
  • #95 HTML Minification - Ignoring {{route}}

Important breaking changes

  • The bower_components directory has been moved outside the app folder. It's now in the project root directory. See this post for more info.
  • Testing is now done with grunt|gulp test:local and grunt|gulp test:remote. grunt|gulp test and grunt|gulp test:browser have been removed
  • Removed option to use LibSass as it has issues compiling Shadow DOM CSS selectors


  • 823a8c8 - 0.7.0
  • e34edf2 - Fix failing el test
  • d214e48 - Upgrade wct in package.jsn
  • 52cdbf5 - Fix path for subgenerated elements to polymer
  • ea40d61 - Version up Polymer and wct
  • 630abf3 - Upgrade to yeoman-generator v0.18
  • 3b66fe0 - Make jshint happy
  • 4f780a8 - Update testing info in readme
  • b7ec3c2 - Make web-component-tester happy in Grunt and Gulp
  • ae4e354 - Finalize browserSync changes
  • cb05754 - Fix jshint. Closes GH-123
  • fde4ef4 - Update .travis.yml
  • fd95fbf - Validate element name, close GH-34
  • 974e743 - wip browserSync support in grunt
  • 6458a4d - Make grunt play nice with external bower_components
  • afcda33 - Add element scaffolding - Make gulp deal with external bower components dir
  • 4e52687 - Add note about elements.html
  • a4aff65 - Add GulpJS support
  • 05278fa - Added a command line option to ignore dev dependencies. Off by default.
  • 2c8a0db - Added the ability to include devDependencies in GitHub Pages. Fixes #61
  • 6a60474 - Remove unused code. Closes #129
  • c0e9033 - Watch for changes to element JavaScript files
  • 2026b52 Todd Baur - move bower components folder to root of generated project
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