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Yeoman Insights Dashboard

Running locally:

Install all dependencies:

  • yeoman install
  • npm install

We use the app secret and a refresh token (read this to understand how to get a refresh token) to connect to the analytics API:

  • export YEOMAN_DASHBOARD_SECRET=your_app_secret
  • export YEOMAN_DASHBOARD_REFRESH_TOKEN=your_refresh_token

This app uses redis as a caching mechanism. Start the redis server:

  • redis-server

Start yeoman and the node server:

  • yeoman server (ignore the browser window that opens, correct port is 3000)
  • node server/server.js



Any help is greatly welcome! If you're interested in contributing, please contact @vitorbal on twitter or freenode and I will help you get started. Also, I try to keep a running list of TODOs here.


BSD license Copyright (c) Google

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