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If you have an issue or contribution for the website, this is the place! If you want to submit an issue about Yeoman's source code or workflow please visit the yeoman/yeoman repository.


This site is made with Jekyll and generator-jekyllrb.

To get started:

1. Clone the repository and its submodules:

git clone

2. Install all modules and needed tools

npm install
gem install bundler
bundle install

3. Start dev server with Grunt

grunt serve

Now you're ready to do some work!


The development environment and build system are generated by generator-jekyllrb. For development, build, and deploy instructions see the usage section in the generator's README.

The site is deployed automatically each time a commit is merged on the source branch.


  • If you're adding a Youtube embed iframe please wrap the iframe in a div with the .video-container class in order to keep the site responsive.


You can find the logo and artwork here.


BSD 2-Clause license Copyright (c) Yeoman