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$ curl -L | bash
-<p>This will immediately install Yeoman and any dependencies it may need such as Node, Compass, Grunt, and PhantomJS.</p>
-<p><strong>Yeoman requires <a href="">Node 0.8.x </a> currently.</strong> You're also welcome to do a <a href="">manual install</a>, if you'd rather.</p>
+<p>This will check your system to see what's already installed. You'll need a few things to use Yeoman effectively like NodeJS, Compass, Grunt, and PhantomJS. This script will suggest how to handle installing these dependencies. <a href="">More descriptive yeoman install instructions</a> are available as well. </p>
+<p>Note: Yeoman requires <a href="">Node 0.8.x </a> currently. </p>
<h2><span class="step">Step 2:</span> Create a new project</h2>
<p>Next, enter in `yeoman init` in the directory you would like to scaffold your application in.</p>

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