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Mornin' All - I've taken the Codelab tutorial and made something pretty cool out of it. Be interested to know what you think but this makes exactly this kind of material really friendly, especially for newbies.

If you think this approach has value for learning Yeoman concepts, I'd be very happy to take/create other tutorial material and put it in this format. We've done a bunch of others already on this page : https://codio.com/s/tutorials/tut-node/

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This looks pretty neat. I can see this being a valuable resource to developers.

Is it possible to link directly to codio in a way that someone could just jump into working on the tutorial? If not, I think we could figure out a way to link this up somehow. Thanks for taking the initiative to try this out.


I'll give this some thought. There's some things we could do to make it as seamless as possible. Something like a link that gets them into Codio without having to go through the normal signup process (using GitHub oAuth) and then loads the tutorial immediately.

If this sounds good, I can do a sample modification to the Codelab page and issue a pull request.

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