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tomlane commented Mar 28, 2013

Following on from #34:

I have started work on re-factoring the site code to make better use of jekyll as well as making it easier to tweak and update the site in the future.

My plan is to have several different layouts in use for different pages of the site (at the moment there is one 'default' layout). One layout for documentation (with the sidebar) and a landing page layout for the homepage.

  • Create layouts for docs and landing page
  • Make landing page static (not based on wiki contents)
  • Implement layouts for docs (with sidebar for navigation)

I'm happy to take up maintaining the website, if you have any ideas let me know 👍


sindresorhus commented Apr 6, 2013

So, do we actually want the documentation on the site? Does it give any value? It's easier to just keep it in the wiki where we can update it directly instead of doing submodule bump all the time.

// @addyosmani


tomlane commented Apr 7, 2013

As it stands the documentation is still live and the site is still using jekyll. Ofcourse if the documentation was to be removed it would allow for more robustness in terms of being able to use Yeoman and "dogfooding" as of #36


passy commented Apr 9, 2013

What about pulling the docs via JavaScript from a CORS proxy? Markdown could either be rendered on the server or on the client and SEO-wise it would matter as long as the wiki is indexed. We could do some sexy styling then like GruntJS.


tomlane commented Apr 9, 2013

Can be done using markdown-js 👍


addyosmani commented Apr 9, 2013

I personally prefer the documentation living on the site as per projects like RequireJS. That said if it is architecturally difficult for us to maintain the docs on the site I am fine with us only having them in the wiki.


tomlane commented Apr 10, 2013

Well it is just a matter of ensuring that the module gets bumped frequently, maybe if it was possible to set a hook whenever someone tags a new version of yeoman or similar?


addyosmani commented Jul 6, 2013

@tomlane what's your free time going to be like in the coming weeks? If you think you can manage it, we'd be happy to invite you and @ericduran to officially maintain for the team.

I think the post-commit hook for this setup could potentially work but would benefit from experimentation.


tomlane commented Jul 7, 2013

@addyosmani, I have plenty of spare time over the next few weeks, would be more than happy to take up the invitation. 😃


addyosmani commented Jul 10, 2013

That's fantastic. I believe we have another ongoing thread where some of the mockup work was started and we could just continue it there.

Would it help at all if we set some rough dates for mocks/iteration to help with the process too?


tomlane commented Jul 10, 2013

@addyosmani , sounds good, will move back over there.

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