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@import "compass/reset";
@import "compass/css3/border-radius";
@import "compass/css3/box";
@import "compass/css3/box-shadow";
@import "compass/css3/text-shadow";
@import "compass/css3/background-size";
$default-font-color: #666666;
$light-grey: #eee;
/* Mixins to help remember what box-align|pack are for. Also allows us to easily
switch to new flexbox in the future. */
@mixin flexbox-vert($val: center) {
@include box-align($val);
@mixin flexbox-horiz($val: center) {
@include box-pack($val);
@mixin user-select {
-webkit-user-select: none;
-moz-user-select: none;
-o-user-select: none;
-ms-user-select: none;
user-select: none;
a {
color: navy;
text-decoration: none;
a:hover {
color: navy;
text-decoration: underline;
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