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Usage: <%= 'yeoman' %> <%= 'command'.yellow %> [task]
Available commands supported by yeoman
<%= 'init'.yellow %> Initialize and scaffold a new project using generator templates
<%= 'build'.yellow %> Build an optimized version of your app, ready to deploy
<%= 'server'.yellow %> Launch a preview server which will begin watching for changes
<%= 'test'.yellow %> Run a Mocha test harness in a headless PhantomJS
<%= 'install'.yellow %> Install a package from the clientside package registry
<%= 'uninstall'.yellow %> Uninstall the package
<%= 'update'.yellow %> Update a package to the latest version
<%= 'list'.yellow %> List the packages currently installed
<%= 'search'.yellow %> Query the registry for matching package names
<%= 'lookup'.yellow %> Look up info on a particular package
Certain commands such as <%= 'init'.yellow %> also provide further help via a --help flag
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