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@@ -47,7 +47,6 @@ yeoman update # Update a package to the latest version
yeoman list # List the packages currently installed
yeoman search # Query the registry for matching package names
yeoman lookup # Look up info on a particular package
A common initial workflow with Yeoman might be:
@@ -58,17 +57,14 @@ yeoman server # Fire off a file watch/server process which also places an
# intermediate build of your project in `temp`
yeoman build # Build your project, creating an optimized version in a new `dist` directory
yeoman server:dist # Serve up the production-ready version of your application
Some more examples of how to use our commands include:
# Generators for MVC/MV* Frameworks
-yeoman init quickstart # Skip our questions and get a H5BP, jQuery and Modernizr base
yeoman init bbb # Backbone Boilerplate generator scaffold
-yeoman init ember # Ember-Rails generator scaffold
-yeoman init ember-starter # Create a "Hello World" Yeoman project with the Ember Starter Kit
+yeoman init ember # Create a "Hello World" Yeoman project with the Ember Starter Kit
yeoman init backbone # Backbone-Rails generator scaffold
yeoman init angular # Invoke the AngularJS generator scaffold
yeoman init angular:controller # Invoke the AngularJS Controller sub-generator

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