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@@ -37,8 +37,18 @@ will actually also install Underscore.js and jQuery.js as these are required for
{% highlight sh %}
yeoman install jquery
-yeoman install git://
-yeoman install maccman/package-jquery (same as above)
-yeoman install
+yeoman install git://
+yeoman install components/jquery (same as above)
+yeoman install
yeoman install ./repos/jquery
{% endhighlight %}
+As you can see, packages can be installed by name, Git endpoint, GitHub shorthand, URL or local path. If you install and URL that is a zip or tar file, yeoman will automatically extract the contents of it. When tags are available in the endpoint, you can specify a semver tag to fetch concrete versions:
+{% highlight sh %}
+yeoman install jquery#1.8.1
+yeoman install git://
+yeoman install components/jquery#1.8.x
+{% endhighlight %}
+More in the [Bower docs](

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