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Fixes #127 - improves credits in readme

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@@ -74,6 +74,10 @@ Yeoman supports:
* Mobile Safari
+## Platform Support
+Yeoman 1.0 will support Mac OSX and will attempt to support Linux as well. We will be aiming to bring in support for Windows in a future version of the project.
## Contribute
### Repos
@@ -89,12 +93,29 @@ This project follows the [jQuery Style Guide](
## About
-Yeoman is an open-source project by Google which builds on top of a number of open-source solutions. These include Grunt, Twitter Bootstrap and Compass. Version 1 of the project features the combined efforts of:
-* Paul Irish
-* Addy Osmani
-* Mickael Daniel
-* Sindre Sorhus
+Yeoman is an open-source project by [Google]( which builds on top of [Grunt]( and [node-build-script]( We utilize a number of useful open-source solutions including:
+* Twitter Bootstrap
+* Html5 Boilerplate
+* Modernizr
+* Twitter Bower
+* Node
+* NPM
+* Compass
+* coffeescript
+* mocha
+* jasmine
+* PhantomJS
+and [more](
+Version 1 of the project features the combined efforts of:
+* [Paul Irish](]
+* [Addy Osmani](
+* [Mickael Daniel](
+* [Sindre Sorhus](http://
Sindre Sorhus Owner

http overflow :p

Addy Osmani Owner

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* [Eric Bidelman](
and other developers.
Sindre Sorhus

http overflow :p

Addy Osmani

Never enough HTTP!

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