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@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ For more information about the project, see [](
Yeoman supports a powerful set of high-level commands. These include:
yeoman init # Initialize and scaffold a new project using generator templates
yeoman build # Build an optimized version of your app, ready to deploy
yeoman server # Launch a preview server which will begin watching for changes
@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ yeoman lookup # Look up info on a particular package
A common initial workflow with Yeoman might be:
yeoman init # invoke the most basic application scaffold (Bootstrap, Boilerplate etc.)
yeoman build # build your project, creating an optimized version in the publish folder
yeoman server # create an intermediate version of your app, firing off a watch process.
@@ -46,13 +46,12 @@ yeoman server # create an intermediate version of your app, firing off a watc
Some more examples of how to use our commands include:
yeoman init angular:bootstrap # invoke the AngularJS generator scaffold
yeoman init angular:controller # invoke the AngularJS Controller sub-generator
yeoman install jquery underscore [depName] # install a dependency or dependencies
yeoman update jquery # update a specific dependency (e.g jquery)
yeoman search jquery # lookup jquery in the bower registry
@@ -65,9 +64,9 @@ The current complete documentation for Yeoman can be found [here](http://yeoman.
If for any reason you experience exceptions after the yeoman installation process above, you may find the
following steps resolve these issues:
-$ cd yeoman/cli
-$ sudo -s 'npm install -g && npm link'
+cd yeoman/cli
+sudo -s 'npm install -g && npm link'
## Running

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