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* 'express-stack' of (792 commits)
  Close GH-941: You need to install the grunt-cli package.
  fixes grunt file path with spaces issue
  add more pre-install instructions
  Adding clone information.
  Fix attempt #2 for crud generators
  Adding bug reporting note.
  Adding further instructions.
  Adding links, tweaks.
  Reverting changes in Yeoman 0.9.6.x which made their way into this branch.
  fixed/enhanced grunt install script, updated
  Markdown list fix.
  Adding warranty notes.
  Adding express-stack current version to branch.
  Update logic to find local grunt
  Initial integration with the generator system
  Update dependencies
  Convert docs to use fenced code blocks again
  fixed typo (missing space)
  Typo fix (than vs. then)
  Remove quickstart generator from readme
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2 parents c7d4138 + 5fa614b commit 7ad677a4b9c004398abe731023f04766e73bb342 @addyosmani addyosmani committed Apr 24, 2015
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