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Jade integration #1004

sononix opened this Issue Apr 1, 2013 · 3 comments

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sononix commented Apr 1, 2013

Im looking at integrating jade into the yeoman workflow

are there any examples of this - this issue being I would like to use foundation but the only way on installing is using

sudo bower install foundation

the default install is in the component directory this can be changes using the package.json file but it seem to defeat the purpose of using yeoman in the first place

I think I am going to need a custom generator - thus my query is how can I integrate jade into yeoman using a generator - Ive found very few examples out there using a custom component.js file rather than using a package.json file


Yeoman member
passy commented Apr 1, 2013

Kevva started writing a tutorial here that will be integrated into the wiki when it's done:

Yeoman member
kevva commented Apr 2, 2013

@passy, it's already in the wiki; Should probably finish it though :)))).

Yeoman member
passy commented Apr 2, 2013
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