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mocha:app must look for the test dir? #1017

hemanth opened this Issue · 4 comments

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$ yo --version 

$ yo generator test
   create test/index.js
   create test/templates/

$ yo mocha:app
   create test/index.html
   create test/lib/chai.js
   create test/lib/expect.js
   create test/lib/mocha/mocha.css
   create test/lib/mocha/mocha.js
   create test/spec/test.js
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yo generator creates a new generator, mocha:app generates a mocha test suite.

@passy passy closed this
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@passy yes, aware of that. But I have a generator by name test and mocha:app will create test suites in them. Should not it say that there is a dir by name test already?

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@hemanth Conflict resolution is only supposed to warn if you override files. The mocha generator is supposed to create a test setup in the test/ subdirectory of your CWD, which is does. If you already have a test suite, you shouldn't need the generator.

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Roger that.

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