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Using NPM to send announcement #1226

SBoudrias opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I recently updated my global npm modules, and a notice of nodev stricked me:

npm WARN deprecated nodev@0.7.3: Nodev is no longer maintained. Please contact if you would like to take ownership of the project.

Got me wondering if we can broadcast announcement (like maintainer researched) on NPM for some of our more lonely generators. (Sure not under "deprecated" warning, but you get the idea)

npm WARN unmaintained package@0.0.1: package is currently not maintained. Contact <email> if you would like to take ownership of the project.

something like this?


maybe there should be a listing or something else somewhere else as well, like the homepage


Yes, it would be nice if you could supply a message to new versions when publishing on npm. Like npm publish -m 'this is a breaking change, see'. If you like the idea would anyone like to open a feature request on npm?



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