Improving the generator conflict handling #1254

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Hi guys n gals. I'm trying out yeoman, grunt and bower for the first time tonight. And running into issues using multiple generators. I've started off with "yo webapp" and then followed with "yo knockout" installed with "npm install -g generator-knockout".

Now I get a bunch of conflicts for Gruntfile.js, package.json, bower.json and so on. So I was thinking; Is this an issue about a badly written generator or am I missing something obvious?

Then I heard on #yeoman that "Most of the generators are exclusive of each other." and that there are "future plans for making all generators pluggable, somewhere in the Yeoman issue queue. But not yet."

So apparently, not the way to go yet – sad face

Then it hit me, there could be an intermediate solution with these conflicts:
Yeoman could handle them better, most of us developers are used to dealing with conflicts and diffs, but yeomans only option seem to be overwrite or not to overwrite. How about:

  • trying to merge, or
  • storing a ".new"-file

so the developer can du a manual merge in it's favorite editor instead copy/pasteing between one terminal window and it's editor.
While the initial issue might be found by composability/pluggability I'm thinking it could still be a good intermediate solution, but also in the future, even if the generators become more pluggable

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I like this, mind moving it to ?

storing a ".new"-file

Should probably be a .old-file for the existing one instead.

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