2014 Official Generators Cleanup #1263

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SBoudrias commented Jan 9, 2014

Building the list of things official generators should've done to be up to date with everything.

  • Grunt server to become serve (#1183)
  • Generators should generate a .yo-rc file (even if it doesn't use it for configs at the moment)
  • Use the new .extend() method instead of util.inherit
  • Remove use of deprecated test methods (deprecation are currently logged to console)
  • update dependencies in the generated bower.json and package.json
  • sync improvements from webapp generator over to the other generators.
  • Make sure peerDependencies do not use tilde ~ versions. Only use >=.

Once the list is complete, we should be good to ping maintainers :)


addyosmani commented Jan 9, 2014

Great initiative putting this list together :) My suggestions:

  • Can we link them up to a good example of .yo-rc being used correctly?
  • Reminder that the repo must now have the "yeoman-generator" keyword and a repo description to be listed on yeoman.io.

danielchatfield commented Jan 9, 2014

@SBoudrias No need for "Set engineStrict in package.json", see last comments on #1186.


SBoudrias commented Jan 9, 2014

@sindresorhus I think we'd need more details on the implication of this here: "sync improvements from webapp generator over to the other generators."


sindresorhus commented Jan 9, 2014

@SBoudrias i don't have any specifics atm. there has been a lot of tweaks and improvements that never made it into the other generators.


eddiemonge commented Jan 14, 2014

Grunt server to become serve (#1183)

Is waiting for merges. More details in that ticket


SBoudrias commented Jan 15, 2014

Should we add to make sure peerDependencies are only declared as minimum version? (e.g. 'generator-karma': '>=0.6.0')

Using the tilde ~ version as peerDependencies constantly throw errors with NPM preventing users form installing and using our generators.


sindresorhus commented Jan 15, 2014

peerDeps should generally not use tilde.

SBoudrias referenced this issue in yeoman/yeoman.github.io Jan 21, 2014


Add 2014 cleanup blog post #121

Hey guys, I've tried adjusting my generator to adhere to the cleanup blog post from yeoman/yeoman.io#121, but kept hitting errors. I looked for an officially maintained generator with the new, cleaned up code, but haven't found one.

Would it be possible to write a more thorough guide to updating yeoman generators? If you lead me in the right direction, I'd even be willing to write it myself. Thanks for the hard work on everything. I don't build anything without Yeoman anymore.

I would like to propose you guys refactor grunt-usemin or drop completely as a defacto grunt plugin: yeoman/grunt-usemin#294


addyosmani commented Mar 10, 2017 edited

@SBoudrias With the clean-up blog post posted 3 years ago and a lot of the ecosystem having moved on, can we close this issue?

SBoudrias closed this Mar 11, 2017

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