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Feature request for tab completion #357

wburningham opened this Issue Sep 11, 2012 · 20 comments


None yet

I would consider this a low priority but useful feature. Tab completion for the yeoman task/generators/subgenerators.


addyosmani commented Sep 11, 2012

We briefly discussed tab completion a few days ago. This is certainly something we'll consider for a future version.


paulirish commented Sep 11, 2012

Feel free to leave a link to a project that tackles this well..

A while ago we looked at https://github.com/veged/coa


sindresorhus commented Sep 12, 2012

Ya, tab completion would be nice.


mklabs commented Sep 12, 2012

I would love to see this happen.

Some random thoughts:

Yes, please implement this.


paulirish commented Sep 23, 2012

mklabs has done some draft work on this if you want to check it out


... the idea is to bring to yeoman tab completion feature for bash / zsh, using the same technique internally used by npm. I've setup a basic environment and custom binary file (yeoman-completion) to complete pretty much anything, based on grunt helpers. It's working great! I have the completion logic for top-level commands (install, search, list, etc.), targets for the server app (server:test, server:app, etc.) and the list of bower components (yeoman install <tab>). It's now a matter of implementing more grunt helpers (anything within cli/tasks/completion/*.js), to handle task specific completion (and the generator system mainly).

@mklabs mklabs was assigned Nov 14, 2012


sindresorhus commented Jan 17, 2013

@mklabs Is there any way we trigger the bower completion from yeoman? Would be nice to have it on our proxied bower commands. Grunt too.


mklabs commented Jan 17, 2013

Probably. I think it's doable, provided we add a completion command we can rely on.


sindresorhus commented Jan 17, 2013

Let's look into that sometime post-1.0


beriberikix commented Apr 27, 2013

Just found https://github.com/f/omelette as another option.


addyosmani commented May 17, 2013

It's been a few months since we last looked into this. Does anyone want to try tackling it?

Would absolutely love this if it were to be implemented.


addyosmani commented Jan 9, 2014

https://github.com/f/omelette looks nice - @sindresorhus do we want to use it?


eddiemonge commented Jan 14, 2014

Installing, and making your users install the autocompletion feature is very simple. Yeah that part will be fun. Hard enough getting users to install yeoman and the generators correctly installed. Would there be a prompt at the end of the install to aid in that like how rvm does?


SBoudrias commented Jan 14, 2014

@eddiemonge This could fit in yo doctor


sindresorhus commented Jan 14, 2014

We could just offer to add it to their bashrc/zshrc


addyosmani commented Jan 18, 2014

Works for me.

On Tuesday, 14 January 2014 22:01:31, Sindre Sorhus <
notifications@github.com> wrote:

We could just offer to add it to their bashrc/zshrc

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@sindresorhus sindresorhus referenced this issue in yeoman/yo May 1, 2014


Tab completion #161


sindresorhus commented May 1, 2014

moved to yeoman/yo#161

any news on tab completion, yeoman/yo#161 is pointing back here so not sure what the current status of tab completion is?


SBoudrias commented Jan 3, 2015

@markusgattol the ticket is open. We just need someone to make it happens.

Please let's use the issue on yo for further discussions.

@SBoudrias SBoudrias locked and limited conversation to collaborators Jan 3, 2015

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