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Usemin:css inserts invalid <link> element #586

oxyc opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Oskar Schöldström Frederick Ros
Oskar Schöldström

There's a small typo in the usemin logic where some regexp is used in a replacement string.

content.replace(block, indent + '<link rel="stylesheet" href="' + target + '"\/?>');

This consequently breaks the revving of css files as the element wont be matched.

It should instead be:

content.replace(block, indent + '<link rel="stylesheet" href="' + target + '"/>');


Frederick Ros

OK. I'm going to fix it as part of the other usemin related fixes (namely #560 and #565)

Frederick Ros sleeper referenced this issue from a commit in sleeper/yeoman
Frederick Ros Fixing #586 a88b0fe
Frederick Ros

Fixed in PR #563.

@oxyc Thanks for the analysis and findings !

Frederick Ros sleeper closed this
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