Improve audit script assistance #682

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paulirish commented Nov 1, 2012

Right now the audit script provides some lightweight version of

But most people just continually run that and fumble through installation. I think we could do two things to improve the installation experience:

  1. Provide more prose detail from Manual Install within the output
  2. Provide some bash oneliner recommendations for easy installs, stolen from

So if an item isn't present there will probably be ~6 line of prose and commands to help you get it installed quickly without navigating to sites and following their own guides. Of course there is a risk in providing the commands and folks clobbering their system but I think the 80% audience would get a net win.

@tomlane you're probably busy but wanted to ping you anyway
@hemanth whatcha think?


tomlane commented Nov 1, 2012

Sure thing, will see what I can do.

Edit: Something like this? I'm limited to what I can do since i'm on a windows machine ATM. also how not to name a commit facepalm


hemanth commented Nov 5, 2012

@paulirish Yes those improvements are very much needed, we can make set of one liners and based on the OS, we might disaply the needed one liner.

Would those deps installations (more than an one liner) bash << $(curl$dep) would be useful/doable?


paulirish commented Nov 5, 2012

whoa. see #696 where @alrra did some awesome work we can build on.


hemanth commented Nov 6, 2012

Uber kool 👍

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