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Yeoman Insight makes build process very slow if the Internet connection is slow. #738

ivanvotti opened this Issue · 6 comments

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I run yeoman build and nothing happens within about 30 seconds or more. Then yeoman shows info about build process as usual. It works pretty fast when the Internet connection is fine.

@sindresorhus sindresorhus was assigned

Yup, I know :/

I'm going to fix this by making Insight and the update notifier async so it doesn't have any effect on the build system.


Thank you. Is it possible to disable the Insight?


@sindresorhus On a related note, do you know how we plan on improving Windows support in 1.0? Should the flag above (needed to get around Insight issues) be transparently called on that platform?


@addyosmani Full official Windows support is 1.1, but Insight should work fine on Windows right now. This issue isn't about Windows at all.


Insight has been rewritten in Node.js and uses decoupled background process to make the request, which means it shouldn't have any impact at all on the startup time. Will land in 1.0.

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