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Using Yeoman with J2EE Backend #743

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Hi everyone

I'm actually a front-end developer and I enjoy using yeoman and yeoman server, which make my front-end app running on http://localhost:3351

However I'm having my back end API running in a Tomcat Server on http://localhost:8000

I'm coming at a point where I don't know how to benefit from fast reloading with yeoman server and make my front end app communicate with my back end API.

I don't want to abandon yeoman server and the whole watching and reloading.

How can I get around this and still use yeoman when calling the backend ?

Thank you for you reply

Best regards

Thierry LAU


Let me know if you come up with a good solution. I am hoping for the exact same thing.



I'm looking for the same thing too !
Yeoman sounds great but how can we use it with a backend (no mocks) ?


I have found a simple solution for this problem:
1) You need to enable CORS support on your server (some tips can be found here
2) Add a variable which points to your server url and use it in your ajax code. In production you can leave it empty or relative.

This, of course, suits only ajax apps.

Yeoman member

In 1.0, livereload is decoupled from the server and should work with whatever backend you use.

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