runGenerator test can't find my generator, yet it runs successfully #758

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jahvi commented Dec 2, 2012

I used yeoman init generator testing to create a testing generator, however when I try to run:

node node_modules/mocha/bin/mocha test/generators/test-testing.js --reporter spec

Using the default unit tests that get generated, it says Could not find generator testing, outputs the list of directories where it tried to look for it but mark the test as ran successfully. Even if I change the generator name in the unit test to a random string like: helpers.runGenerator('dasfrgh', done); it out puts the same even though that generator doesn't exist.

Here's my test-testing.js file just in case:

var path    = require('path'),
    helpers = require('yeoman-generators').test;

describe('Testing generator test', function() {
    before(helpers.before(path.join(__dirname, './temp')));

    it('runs sucessfully', function(done) {
        helpers.runGenerator('testing', done);


Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

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