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yeoman build:minify hangs with no error #764

damarusama opened this Issue Dec 3, 2012 · 7 comments


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Node is running full steam though - but after 30 minutes with no error message, it goes trough most of the process, rev.js, rev:css, rev:img, usermin:html, usermin:Css then Cache and start the html:compress and show all the option:

Running "html:compress" (html) task
Run htmlcompressor on **/*.html
>> compress... 
{ removeComments: true,
  removeCommentsFromCDATA: true,
  removeEmptyAttributes: true,
  cleanAttributes: true,
  removeAttributeQuotes: true,
  removeRedundantAttributes: true,
  removeScriptTypeAttributes: true,
  removeStyleLinkTypeAttributes: true,
  collapseWhitespace: true,
  collapseBooleanAttributes: true,
  removeOptionalTags: true }

and node continue to run for a long long time, but nothing happens.

Not sure where to start troubleshooting this since no error gets spitted out.. i'll let it run to see if it ends up finishing. Is there a way to make that script more verbose to see what is happening?

a previous build without the minify :


Build success. Done in 7376.419s


sindresorhus commented Dec 3, 2012

Can't reproduce.

What system are you on? You're using Yeoman 0.9.5 right?

Try running it with yeoman build:minify -v

Yep yeoman 0.9.5 on debian wheezy ~

indeed the -v helps, the process seems to hang on some jquery component (the jquery validation demo files) which is kind of weird, I gues I should clean up the components files and folder before doign a build...

But should yeoman install remove the demo folder automatically? I see now that most of the processing time when I build is spent on javascript html files that came from the yeoman install.

@damarusama damarusama closed this Dec 3, 2012


sindresorhus commented Dec 3, 2012

But should yeoman install remove the demo folder automatically?


well when I do a, for example yeoman install fancybox it adds all the files under components but also add a demo folder with some css html js files... which get processed by yeoman build. Maybe the demo folder could be ommited when doinga yeoman install

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