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Running install after init should modify index file #769

AdamHolwerda opened this Issue · 6 comments

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After we run yeoman init we should be able to conditionally install app pieces throughout development - and have them alter index.html in expected ways.

Scripts would populate between the <!-- build:js scripts/scripts.js --> and <!-- endbuild --> comments, css would be appended before the </head> tag.

I'm always going into app/components/whatever to grab file paths, and this doesn't seem to flow with the rest of Yeoman's enjoyable experience.


I agree. It's especially true since some of the bower-provided packages bury the files in a pretty deep tree. Love Yeoman as it is, this would make me love you even more!


I agree with this and think we should try landing it for 1.0. I remember implementing a simple POC locally a while back but if anyone would like to take stab at this we would be more than happy to help land.


This is already done for RequireJS, but I agree it would be nice to have.

PR welcome:


Are we currently waiting to get this done on generators other than generator-webapp?


Yes, but since the bower postinstall thing is being released in Bower soon, we should probably not do anything until that lands as it will mean we don't have to use grunt tasks for this stuff anymore.

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