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Install script doesn't handle ruby being present but gem being missing #843

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Torne Wuff
Torne Wuff

On Debian/Ubuntu, gem is packaged separately from ruby. If you have ruby installed but not gem, the advice ends up saying:

✔ Ruby check.
✖ RubyGems [not installed]
* You'll acquire RubyGems with your ruby installation.

with no suggestion on how to resolve this situation. It should suggest "sudo apt-get install rubygems".

@tornewuff Could you please tell about how did you install?

Torne Wuff

"sudo apt-get install rubygems" was all I needed to be able to install.

Yes, that is clear, but what I asked was, how did you install yeoman? If you read it's clear that rubygems must be bundled with ruby.

Torne Wuff

I installed yeoman itself with "sudo npm install -g yeoman", as the script says. Other than installing rubygems manually I just followed's instructions (ruby itself was already installed on this machine).

I'm not sure I follow what you mean. rubygems doesn't have to be bundled with ruby and I don't see anything in's actual logic to suggest it does (only in the messages it prints).

@tornewuff Which version of ubuntu/debian? 1.9.3 must be bundled with gems.

Torne Wuff

I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (precise). The default version of Ruby is still 1.8 on precise, not 1.9, and the yeoman install script specifies Ruby 1.8.7 as a minimum, which is what precise provides.

Sorry if I wasn't clear; I wasn't aware that Ruby 1.9 now bundles gems as I haven't used Ruby myself in a while and all my machines still have 1.8.7.

Ah ha, okies. Thanks for the update, will send a P.R soon on this.

Cătălin Mariș alrra referenced this issue from a commit
Cătălin Mariș alrra Audit: improve messages for `RubyGems` (fix #843)
Treat the cases in which, on some OSes, `RubyGems`
does not come by default with older versions of `Ruby`

@alrra Sweet :)

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