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Some extra explanations:

1) The specialized functions for displaying messages for different dependencies still need work and testing from someone who works on a Mac or different Linux distributions (I've only added the bare minimum plus most of the messages for Ubuntu).

2) Made the logo look good even on 80x24 terminals, because it used to looked like this:

3) Even if the size of the script is way bigger, it's still a little bit faster then the original one, e.g.:

original script

real   0m0.562s
user   0m0.428s
sys    0m0.036s

this one

real   0m0.534s
user   0m0.400s
sys    0m0.056s

4) Some screenshots for Ubuntu:

Hope it helps :)

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Whoa this is most awesome. Nice work...

First glance makes me think there should still be some prose in there, and maybe links to the real install instructions for some of them.

But this is a great starting point to work from.

cc @tomlane

Will have to look some more too.



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Wow, nice work 👍

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@alrra Can you fix the merge conflict?

@paulirish Lgtm, u?

@alrra alrra Improve audit script
  - add specialized functions for displaying messages for every dependency
  - add linux distribution check
  - make the yeoman logo look good on 80x24 terminals
  - other minor improvements

@alrra Can you fix the merge conflict?

@sindresorhus done :)

Also made some other changes, among them:

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@sindresorhus sindresorhus merged commit 1dddac2 into yeoman:master Dec 5, 2012

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Details default The Travis build passed

Just wanted to say that I too really like the improved audit script by @alrra
Two small typos found so far and fixes are in submitted pull request #774

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