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Yeoman Express Stack

A proof of concept end-to-end stack for development using Yeoman 0.9.6, Express and AngularJS. Note: This experimental branch is providing for testing purposes only (at present) and does not provide any guarantees.

  • Custom version of Yeoman's server.js with support for Express middleware
  • LiveReload supported out of the box
  • Generator for Express and CRUD generator for AngularJS
  • Proof-of-concept application using AngularJS

This stack assumes that you wish to develop both the server and client portions of your application within the same directory. By the end of setup, you will be able to see how to do this using the demo application which has a server directory for Express code and an app directory for your client-side code.


  • yeoman-custom - A custom build of Yeoman 0.9.6 with support for Express middleware
  • generators - Express and AngularJS Crud generators for scaffolding
  • demo - A sample application

Installation (assume you have already installed Yeoman@0.9.6)

Clone this repository and then from the express-stack root:

  1. npm install
  2. grunt install
  3. follow output of step 2 and update your system path
  4. Now your system has a new command yeomen (notice the e, instead of a in yeoman? - e is for express), which will run this custom copy of yeoman bundled with the custom generators listed below.

Getting started from scratch

After you've gone through the installation process, you have two options - you can either start a brand new application using the below commands or skip to the demo where some included sample code is available for you to try out.

yeomen init angularcrud            # Standard Angular app
yeomen init angularcrud:crud post  # Angular CRUD routes/views
yeomen init express post           # Express CRUD
yeomen server

# you can then navigate to #/api/post/index to verify
# that the routing is working with Express correctly

Note: should you receive any warnings about Express not being present, npm install express should resolve this.


You should now be able to navigate to demo and run yeomen server to run it. Note, if you have multiple versions of yeoman installed locally, you may wish to directly use the binary in yeoman-custom, otherwise everything should work.

For the generators, the following are supported:



For more information about individual sub-generators, please see the USAGE guidelines.

Bug reporting

As Express Stack is an experimental project, please avoid posting any issues for it on the main Yeoman issue tracker. Instead, issues can be posted here. We do however accept pull requests against this branch, which do need to go through the main repository.


@addyosmani, @blai, @jacobmumm, @mklabs

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