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Customize server and build task

This entry should be useful until a new version older than 0.9.6 is released. The developers have announced they're working on a refactor for v1, but in the meantime this is your best choice to have control on what tasks are run when you do yeoman server.

You just rename the default task, and then override it, add in your custom tasks in front or after and make sure to also include the renamed default task.


grunt.renameTask('server', 'old-server');
grunt.registerTask('server', 'custom-task old-server');

Note that this will only be useful if your tasks doesn't write to the temp folder. If what you are trying to achieve is to compile something to the temp folder to have it served, then you must make sure your compilation happens after the clean task that the server includes in its targets list.

  grunt.renameTask('clean', 'original-clean');
  grunt.registerTask('clean', 'original-clean custom-task');

This method must overload at least one of the tasks in the default server targets (clean coffee compass open-browser watch), so you can choose to make the renaming above with any of the other tasks if you'd like to have clean only perform its default behavior.

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