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This repository

Goals and Roadmap

Overall project goals

  • improve developer productivity and happiness in building a web app
  • aggregate the best-in-class offerings to front-end devs
  • help developers manage application complexity
  • provide strong defaults, but be flexible enough for users to extend for custom project needs

Roadmap targets

  • provide first-class hooks for tools like WebStorm, Brackets, Sublime
  • support for authoring in ES6 for Traceur
  • better support for mobile web apps
    • forked view layer, remote debugging á la Adobe Inspect/Shadow (also see #167) or Remote Preview, DevTools UI for iOS 6
  • Adobe Shadow-like follow behavior for all desktop/mobile via browserstack/browserling cloud browsers
  • detect memory leak patterns (via Esprima?)
  • integration with backends (Express, PHP) during iteration
  • better unit test execution
    • only run affected tests, test in all browsers, test in cloud browsers
    • UI testing á la casper.js
    • integration with thrill for testing for all browsers simultaneously
  • solve client side storage, offline and sync
    • rich synchronization (both realtime- and offline-collaboration)
    • pushState incl server
  • web components via package management
  • revolution in code reuse via package management :) (fix js ecosystem fragmentation)
  • UI widgets (Kendo, ClosureLib, Bootstrap, web components?)
  • Auth (Google Connect) and Payment (Stripe or Google Payment)


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