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Welcome to the CoreDataUtility wiki!

Build History

Date Description Sample Build Link
Sept 22 2014 Adds information about XCode 6 and simulator proejcts. 864d96c9e4c058b31e8d1eb300421516827a881a Link
July 22 2014 Merges changes from RyzacInc-CommandLine which adds support for command line operation. 01fdfb940e3c68836cf84e7ab53203f927ece72d Link
May 29 2014 Merges changes from Allen Hsu for storing set/array values. Also adds ability to view "[NSObject description]" of a transformable object. 8b0e2834031f120162f103b1f4e87f8decb4a628 Link
April 20 2013 Adds NSOrderedSet support 1331bca1d4da85315ee93c240854c1a5c7238dff Link
December 29 2013 Fixes compiler warnings support 41687f7960f097fe63888d20c502350aa70772f9 Link
December 29 2013 Fixes compiler warnings support e6f804f75e264636b9492d066533e6dec5d14ba7 Link