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+You can do anything since:
+1 - Free Redistribution.
+ You can redistribute this software to anyone, be a person or company.
+2 - Source Code Available.
+ Any program could be manteined through code.
+3 - Derived Works Permitted.
+ If someone want improve this program and redistribute.
+4 - Integrety of the Author's Source Code.
+ The authors of these softwares have the honor of your creation, if you
+ change something so you have to mark clearly to your change dont reflect
+ the author.
+5 - No discrimination Against Person or Groups.
+ It's free of origins, race, sex, color, age or anything.
+6 - No discrimination Against Fields of Endeavor.
+ It can be used to any propose.
+7 - Distribution of license.
+ The license must work if you give the license to other.
+8 - License must not be Specific to a Product.
+ This mean that if you distribute the software to a distribution, can be
+ distribute to another distubution.
+9 - License must not contaminate other Software.
+ The license must not place restrictions on other software that is

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