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FreeBSD, I don't know

Installing software is a hard task. Suppose, you want to install a web server. Which one to choose? There are many of them. After reducing the list to one, the fun part begins. How to install it? You are reading a lot of documentation, either from books, tutorial, ... or watch videos, ...

"FreeBSD, I don't know" is a collection of information. Information what I like to know more about it. The majority of the volume is written for the BSD family, mainly for FreeBSD. Most of the writing is during the train journey to work. So, it took awhile to write and test. But everyday, is a small step forward.

The documentation is written with Lyx and the licence is of course "the BSD license".


git clone

cd freebsd-I-dont-know

open FreeBsd.pdf

Version v0.0.1

There are still a lot of mistakes (language errors). But I think it is usable.


  • Installing BSD
  • SSH Certificate Authorities
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