A graph of website response times from Pingdom for Panic's Status Board.
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Pingdom for Status Board Project Status

A graph of host response times from Pingdom for Panic's Status Board iPad app.


If you only have a few host checks I recommend adding autohost=true to your query string. autohost will pull every host from Pingdom and graph its response time, so if you have 5+ hosts, your graph may look horrible. If you'd rather only see certain hosts, specify them in the config.php file like below.

/* file: config.php */

$pingdomCredentials = [
	'username' => 'pingdom@pretendco.com' , // Put in your login name here
	'password' => 'password' , // And your password goes here

$checkHosts = [
		'name' => 'pretendco.com' , // Stylised name, this is purely cosmetic
		'id' => '12345' ,
	] ,
		'name' => 'My Blog' , // Stylised name, this is purely cosmetic
		'id' => '1234' ,
	] ,

What's My Host's ID?

Log into My Pingdom then for each host you want to check, to go the "Edit Check" for each host then copy the ID from the address bar (see image below)

Edit Check

Time And Date Stamps

If you're in the U.S., or you have a different way of reading time stamps, Pingdom for Status Board will respect your Localization settings for your account. I do some parsing to ensure that the date and time outputs are identical to your expected output.

Please note that I strip the year and seconds off all timestamps. Having the year in a date stamp makes the graph too messy, same with seconds. I figure it's not necessary to see either of those time/dates.


  • PHP 5.4 or newer

Required PHP Modules/Extensions

  • cURL
  • JSON

Nice To Have PHP Modules/Extensions

  • zlib with gzip compression enabled


  • Add support for more graphs like last hour, last month etc...

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