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PhD Thesis

Content: Copyright (C) 2009-2012 Paul Bone

Typesetting: Copyright (c) 2015 YesLogic Pty Ltd

This example demonstrates how to typeset a large book-like document. Using a real document forces us to consider many issues that may occur for real documents but not for example documents.


To build this sample you will need Prince and GNU Make, simply type make to build the PDF.

If you wish to modify the sample, the intermediate files will need to be rebuilt. You will need the following tools to rebuild the whole project:

+ bibtex2html
+ sass (I used version 3.4.21)
+ awk or gawk (already installed on most Linux / BSD / MacOS systems)
+ grep (already installed on most Linux / BSD / MacOS systems)

On Debian based systems these can be installed with:

$ sudo aptitude install bibtex2html ruby-sass gawk grep make

About LaTeX -> HTML conversion

Rather than try to reproduce the original document or reproduce TeX/LaTeX's output I am taking the opportunity to modify the typesetting. For example the original uses one and a half line spacing. This uses single spacing and this should hopefully save paper (if anyone prints this out). I have also taken the opportunity to fix typesetting (but not other) errors in the original: for example page numbers were incorrectly printed on blank pages in the original.

This example is incomplete

This example is currently incomplete, it includes only part of the first chapter of the dissertation. I hope to convert other chapters including tables, formulas and figures to HTML+CSS for use with Prince.

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