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An open source utility for Codeigniter inspired by Ruby on Rails.
The one thing Ruby on Rails has that Codeigniter does not have built in
-is database migrations. That function to keep track of database chages (versions)
+is database migrations. That function to keep track of database changes (versions)
and migrate your database to what ever version you need. Migrate up or migrate down.
With this library you can now do this.
@@ -25,15 +25,15 @@ Copy the files to these locations.
config/migrations.php -> application/config/
libraries/Migrations.php -> application/libraries/
- controllers/migrate.php -> applcation/controllers/
+ controllers/migrate.php -> application/controllers/
The migration files included in this are just examples. You should install them where ever you
point your `$config["migrations_path"]` to.
## Usage
- $this->migrations->set_verbose(TRUE); // echo statments or not
+ $this->migrations->set_verbose(TRUE); // echo statements or not
$this->migrations->version(id); // migrate the database to a particular version
$this->migrations->latest(); // migrate the database to the latest version
$this->migrations->install(); // install to the latest version.

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