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Redux based modal
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Redux Modal

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redux-modal connect your modal to the redux store, and let you control your modal by simply dispatching actions.

It works with any react based modal component.

Live demo


npm i --save redux-modal



Connect a modal component to redux store.


  • config(Object)
    • name(String)(Require) The modal name.
    • resolve(Function) Things you want to resolve before show your modal, if return a promise, the modal will show after the promise resolved.
    • destroyOnHide(Bool) Whether destroy the modal state and umount the modal after hide, default is true.
    • getModalState(Function) A function that takes the entire Redux state and returns the state slice which corresponds to where the redux-modal reducer was mounted. Defaults to assuming that the reducer is mounted under the 'modal' key.


A React component class that injects modal state, handleHide and handleDestroy action creator into your modal component.


export default connectModal({ name: 'myModal' })(MyModal)

It will pass the modal state and a handleHide and handleDestroy action creator as props to your modal component.

If you mounted your modal reducer at some other location such as modals instead of modal use the getModalState config

export default connectModal({ name: 'myModal', getModalState: (state) => state.modals })(MyModal)


The modal reducer. Should be given to mounted to your Redux state at modal.


import { combineReducers } from 'redux'
import { reducer as modal } from 'redux-modal'

export default combineReducers({

show(name, props)

The show modal action creator.


  • name(String) The name of modal to show.
  • props(Object) Props pass to your modal.


The hide modal action creator.


  • name(String) The name of modal to hide.



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