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Let's Play Virtual Sticker Swap!!!

2020 has seen some pretty weird shifts in the infosec conference scene, and while virtual cons are doing a great job of keeping us all connected and up-to-speed, the con blues are real.

#virtualstickswap is to help encourage folks to share the swag AND the love, to stay connected, and to create some conference-like excitement as we all weather the various stages of lockdown.

How do I play #virtualstickerswap?

  • Gather enough stickers from your collection to share a couple with three people. Duplicates are awesome. If you're a sticker producer, LOT'S of duplicates are awesome.
  • Wash your hands... ;)
  • Write your Twitter @handle on a slip of paper along with the web address for these instructions.
  • Get your loot and your slip together, take a photo, Tweet it with the hashtag #virtualstickerswap.
  • Put everything into an envelope along with two more prepaid envelopes or stamps... (These to encourage your recipient to pay it forward by making it a bit easier for them.)
  • Send it along to someone who'll pay it forward!!!

Received loot? Here's what's next...

  • Take what you'd like from your package.
  • Replenish what you've taken with stickers from your own collection. If you don't have much to share that's OK: Just don't be greedy - This is about paying it forward :)
  • Add your Twitter handle to the list, take a pic, and Tweet it with the #virtualstickerswap hastag.
  • Divide the loot into the two prepaid envelopes, pop in another two prepaid envelopes or stamps of your own, and...
  • Send it along to someone who'll pay it forward!!!

That's it! Have fun, stay safe, and let's see how far this can go.

Suggestions? Submit a PR or an issue.