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Node REST service with express + Sequelize for MySql
CoffeeScript JavaScript
branch: master

Node.js REST API for Code Patterns with MySql Local database with Express + Sequelize


  • Apply the daos branch purposes on master branch .

    • convert database and routes files in one routes file and multiple dao files.
      • finish mongo dao exporting it.
  • Test return error codes.

  • New branch mongoHQdb (it will possibly dissapear because of daos branch improvements):

    • still test error responses.
  • Run tests on testacular

  • Api integration tests:

    • Create a test with Jasmine.
    • finish tests with vows, qUnit and mocha including error codes.
    • Document API REST with swagger



  • Server created at http://localhost:8010
  • CoffeeScript implemented.
  • Tested with mocha + request + should.js (see TODO)
  • Tested with vows + request + assert (see TODO)
  • Tested with QUnit (see TODO)

express-resource is NOT COMPATIBLE with express3 so I used express for the routings


  • GET api/patterns: get all the patterns as JSON
  • GET api/patterns/count: get the number of patterns as text
  • GET api/patterns/{id}: get pattern by id as JSON
  • POST api/patterns: insert new pattern
  • PUT api/patterns/{id}: update pattern by id
  • DELETE api/pattern/{id}:delete pattern by id
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