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import Shelly
import Prelude hiding (FilePath)
import Text.Shakespeare.Text (lt)
import qualified Data.Text.Lazy as LT
import Data.Text.Lazy (Text)
import Control.Monad (forM_)
import System.Console.CmdArgs
import Data.Maybe (fromMaybe)
#if __GLASGOW_HASKELL__ < 704
import Data.Monoid (Monoid, mappend)
infixr 5 <>
(<>) :: Monoid m => m -> m -> m
(<>) = mappend
import Data.Monoid ((<>))
data CmdOptions = CmdOptions {
clean :: Bool,
fast :: Bool,
install_extra :: [String]
} deriving (Show,Data,Typeable)
determine what repo you're in dynamically by parsing the output of git
remote -v.
we need to handle a few platform-specific formats. if you adjust this
line to support your platform, please note it here and ensure your fix
handles all cases present.
Linux - git version using git@ or https, with or without .git
Mac OSX - git version using git@ or https, with or without
.git extension.
origin (fetch)
origin (fetch)
origin (fetch)
origin (fetch)
determine_repo :: ShIO Text
determine_repo = do
mpkg <- get_env "YESODPKG"
case mpkg of
Just pkg -> return pkg
Nothing -> do
repo <- fmap LT.strip $ run "sh" ["-c", "git remote -v | sed '/^origin.*\\/\\([^ ]*\\) *(fetch)$/!d; s//\\1/; s/\\.git$//'"]
when (LT.null repo) $ errorExit [lt|
unable to determine yesod package to install via `git remote -v`. if
you're not using git or otherwise need to manually define the yesod
package name, set the YESODPKG environment variable:
YESODPKG=hamlet ./script/install
return repo
test_pkg :: FilePath -> Bool -> Text -> ShIO ()
test_pkg cabal test pkg = do
when test $ do
echo $ "testing " <> pkg
run_ cabal ["configure","-ftest","-ftest_export","--enable-tests","--disable-optimization","--disable-library-profiling"]
run_ cabal ["build"]
run_ cabal ["test"]
if pkg == "./mongoDB-haskell"
then echo "skipping check for mongoDB-haskell" -- stupid Cabal warning
else run_ cabal ["check"]
install_packages :: Text -- ^ repo
-> FilePath -- ^ cabal
-> ([Text] -> ShIO ()) -- ^ cabal install
-> CmdOptions
-> Bool -- ^ test
-> [Text]
-> ShIO ()
install_packages repo cabal cabal_install opts test pkgs = do
let documentation = if fast opts then ["--disable-documentation"] else []
when (clean opts) $ do
echo "cleaning packages"
forM_ pkgs $ \pkg -> do
chdir (fromText pkg) $ run_ cabal ["clean"]
echo $ "installing package dependencies for " <> repo
cabal_install $ "--force-reinstalls":"--only-dependencies":pkgs
echo $ "installing packages: " <> LT.intercalate " " pkgs
let i = cabal_install $ "--force-reinstalls":"-ftest_export": documentation ++ ["--ghc-options=-Wall"] ++ pkgs
catchany_sh i $ \_ -> errorExit [lt|
installation failure!
Please try a clean build with: ./script/install --clean
If you are peforming a clean install and haven't mucked with the code,
Please report this error to the mail list at
or on the issue tracker at{repo}/issues
echo "all packages installed. Doing a cabal-src-install and testing."
msrc_install <- which "cabal-src-install"
let src_install = case msrc_install of
Just _ -> True
Nothing -> False
echo [lt|cabal-src-install #{show src_install}|]
forM_ (filter (LT.isPrefixOf "./") pkgs) $ \pkg -> do
chdir (fromText pkg) $ do
when src_install $
catchany_sh (run_ "cabal-src-install" ["--src-only"]) $ \_ -> do
echo "failed while creating an sdist for cabal-src"
exit 1
test_pkg cabal test pkg
{- deprecated, but perhaps still useful?
install_individual_pkgs() {
local pkg
for pkg; do
[[ -d "./$pkg" ]] || continue
echo "Installing $pkg..."
cd "./$pkg"
$clean && $CABAL clean
if ! $CABAL configure --ghc-options='-Wall'; then
$CABAL install --only-dependencies
$CABAL configure --ghc-options='-Wall'
test_pkg $pkg
if $fast; then
$CABAL install --disable-documentation
$CABAL install
which cabal-src-install && cabal-src-install --src-only
main :: IO ()
main = shelly $ verbosely $ do
-- allow an env var to override
cabal <- fmap (fromText . fromMaybe "cabal") $ get_env "CABAL"
let cabal_install = command_ cabal ["install"]
repo <- determine_repo
echo [lt|Installing for repo #{repo}...|]
-- set the pkgs array to those appropriate for that repo
pkgs <- fmap LT.lines $ readfile "sources.txt"
when (null pkgs) $ errorExit [lt|no packages to install for repository #{repo}.|]
opts <- liftIO $ cmdArgs $ CmdOptions {clean=False, fast=False, install_extra=def&=args}
-- allow individual packages to be passed on the commandline
let install = install_packages repo cabal cabal_install opts
let extra = map LT.pack $ install_extra opts
unless (null extra) $ cabal_install extra
run_ "git" ["submodule", "init"]
run_ "git" ["submodule", "update"]
-- persistent is handled specially
if repo == "persistent"
then do
echo "installing packages for the tests suites"
cabal_install ["--force-reinstalls","HUnit","QuickCheck","file-location","hspec >= 1.3 && < 1.4"]
-- install all persistent packages without tests
install False pkgs
echo "now running persistent tests"
chdir "./persistent-test" $ do
-- persistent-test is the only persistent package with tests
test_pkg cabal True "persistent-test"
else do
echo "installing packages for the tests suites"
cabal_install ["--force-reinstalls","HUnit","QuickCheck","hspec >= 1.3 && < 1.4", "blaze-html >= 0.5 && < 0.6"]
echo [lt|installing #{repo} packages|]
install True pkgs
echo ""
echo "Success: all packages installed and tested."
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