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name: wai-handler-webkit
version: 1.3.0
license: MIT
license-file: LICENSE
author: Michael Snoyman <>
maintainer: Michael Snoyman <>
synopsis: Turn WAI applications into standalone GUIs using QtWebkit.
description: Runs any WAI application using
the simpleserver handler and then pops up a Webkit browser
to view it.
category: Web
stability: unstable
cabal-version: >= 1.6
build-type: Simple
build-depends: base >= 4 && < 5
, wai >= 1.3 && < 1.4
, warp >= 1.3 && < 1.4
ghc-options: -Wall
exposed-modules: Network.Wai.Handler.Webkit
c-sources: webkit.cpp
if os(windows)
extra-libraries: QtCore4, QtGui4, QtNetwork4, QtWebKit4
pkgconfig-depends: QtWebKit
source-repository head
type: git
location: git://
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