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{-# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings #-}
{-# LANGUAGE RecordWildCards #-}
module Network.Wai.Handler.Warp.HTTP2 (isHTTP2, http2) where
import Control.Concurrent (forkIO, killThread)
import qualified Control.Exception as E
import Network.HTTP2
import Network.Socket (SockAddr)
import Network.Wai
import Network.Wai.Handler.Warp.HTTP2.EncodeFrame
import Network.Wai.Handler.Warp.HTTP2.Manager
import Network.Wai.Handler.Warp.HTTP2.Receiver
import Network.Wai.Handler.Warp.HTTP2.Request
import Network.Wai.Handler.Warp.HTTP2.Sender
import Network.Wai.Handler.Warp.HTTP2.Types
import Network.Wai.Handler.Warp.HTTP2.Worker
import Network.Wai.Handler.Warp.Imports
import qualified Network.Wai.Handler.Warp.Settings as S (Settings)
import Network.Wai.Handler.Warp.Types
http2 :: Connection -> InternalInfo1 -> SockAddr -> Transport -> S.Settings -> (BufSize -> IO ByteString) -> Application -> IO ()
http2 conn ii1 addr transport settings readN app = do
ok <- checkPreface
when ok $ do
ctx <- newContext
-- Workers, worker manager and timer manager
mgr <- start settings
let responder = response settings ctx mgr
action = worker ctx settings app responder
setAction mgr action
-- The number of workers is 3.
-- This was carefully chosen based on a lot of benchmarks.
-- If it is 1, we cannot avoid head-of-line blocking.
-- If it is large, huge memory is consumed and many
-- context switches happen.
replicateM_ 3 $ spawnAction mgr
-- Receiver
let mkreq = mkRequest ii1 settings addr
tid <- forkIO $ frameReceiver ctx mkreq readN
-- Sender
-- frameSender is the main thread because it ensures to send
-- a goway frame.
frameSender ctx conn settings mgr `E.finally` do
clearContext ctx
stop mgr
killThread tid
checkTLS = case transport of
TCP -> return () -- direct
tls -> unless (tls12orLater tls) $ goaway conn InadequateSecurity "Weak TLS"
tls12orLater tls = tlsMajorVersion tls == 3 && tlsMinorVersion tls >= 3
checkPreface = do
preface <- readN connectionPrefaceLength
if connectionPreface /= preface then do
goaway conn ProtocolError "Preface mismatch"
return False
return True
-- connClose must not be called here since Run:fork calls it
goaway :: Connection -> ErrorCodeId -> ByteString -> IO ()
goaway Connection{..} etype debugmsg = connSendAll bytestream
bytestream = goawayFrame 0 etype debugmsg