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This page mostly focuses on detailed views of breaking changes, not necessarily covering new features. For a higher-level view, see [[Changelog]].

Yesod 1.4

  • New routing system, which requires OverloadedStrings and ViewPatterns. Generated code is faster and much more readable.
  • Dropped backwards compatibility with older versions of dependencies.
  • yesod-test now sends HTTP/1.1 as the version. This may require updating tests to expect 303 instead of 302 redirects.
  • Overlap checking can be turned off for multipieces, entire routes, and parent routes in a hierarchy. For more information, see the commit comment.
  • requireAuth and and requireAuthId return a 401 response when a JSON response is requested. See pull request 783.
  • Better support for non-persistent backends in yesod-auth. See pull request 821 for details. For most users, you can fix this by adding instance YesodAuthPersist App to your Foundation.hs.

Yesod 1.2

  • json requests for authenticated/authorized routes will return a proper response code (401 or 403) instead of a redirection response
  • Removed a number of deprecated functions from Yesod.Widget. These can be replaced with toWidget, toWidgetHead, toWidgetBody, and toWidgetMedia. toWidgetMedia was added in 1.2 and replaces addLuciusMedia and addCassiusMedia as a means of adding CSS that only applies to specific media types.
  • yesod-json has been deprecated. Its functionality has been folded into yesod-core itself.
  • Felipe's newer, more efficient session code is the default. More information:
  • Everything in Yesod.Handler now lives in a typeclass. All functions work in the master site by default, with a few functions provided to deal with subsites. The most important change here was getCurrentRoute, which now has much more sane behavior.
  • Overhaul to the content/representation breakdown. RepHtml et al are deprecated. ChooseRep is gone. Now we have Content, TypedContent, and HasContentType. NOTE: This needs more explanation, I'll write a blog post about this and the YesodRequest/YesodResponse switch.
  • yesod-default has been deprecated. Its functionality has been folded into the yesod package.
  • GHandler and GWidget are replaced entirely with HandlerT and WidgetT. We no longer have a modified lift function, since everything is a standard transformer. You need not (and in fact, can not) lift Handler function into a Widget.
    • If you need to lift ResourceT actions into a Handler or Widget, use liftResourceT.
    • If you need to lift HandlerT actions into a Widget, use handlerToWidget. (Depending on how we go forward with the Handler typeclasses, we may provide liftHandler.)
  • Subsite creation has been overhauled entirely. Need a blog post on this.
  • Changed some Yesod typeclass functions: getLogger is now makeLogger. messageLogger, logLevel, gzipSettings have been removed.
  • toWaiApp no longer applies any middlewares.
  • MForm takes three arguments instead of 4 (no subsite). A typical Form type synonym in Foundation.hs would be: type Form x = Html -> MForm Handler (FormResult x, Widget)
  • ToField(..) from Yesod.Form was removed
  • getRouteToMaster is now called getRouteToParent. The rename comes because its semantics have changed slightly. (Perhaps we should still export a deprecated getRouteToMaster synonym?)
  • Completely overhauled yesod-test, making it easier to use and providing cleaner integration with hspec.
  • maximumContentLength is now a Maybe, allowing developers to disable maximum sizes.
  • BrowserID now takes a BrowserIdSettings value.

Persistent 1.2

  • Fields are now strict by default. To get lazy fields, add a ~ at the beginning of the field name.
  • Remove the Join modules (you should use esqueleto instead)
  • Refactored module hierarchy
  • Renamed SqlPersist to SqlPersistT (former is kept as a deprecated synonym)
  • Split up PersistField typeclass into PersistField and PersistFieldSql, the latter having the sqlType method.
  • Much of the typeclass setup has been refactored to avoid the need passing undefined in the internals. No user-facing change should be involved here.
  • If you define custom datatypes to be used by Persistent, they will usually need to be defined in a separate module due to the GHC stage restriction.
  • actually pre-1.2, persistent-mongoDB now has operators for querying nested fields and functions for working with the underlying mongoDB package.


  • The Yesod ecosystem now supports conduit 1.0. This release of conduit is largely backwards compatible, and therefore most code will work with both conduit 0.5 and 1.0 (as is the case for Yesod itself). Little user modification should be necessary. For more information, see the blog post.
  • wai 1.4 has been released, which adds a new field requestBodyLength to the Request datatype.
  • monad-logger 0.3 is out, which no longer provides instances for IO. As a result, in a few places you may need to explicitly use a transformer to deal with logging. This will most commonly occur in the scaffolding with the runMigration call. The simplest thing to do is import Control.Monad.Logger and add runNoLoggingT to the beginning. For a more sophisticated approach, see the changes to the scaffolding.


  • yesod-core 1.1.7 has introduced a new means of creating session backends (clientSessionBackend2) and deprecated the old one. Going forward, the old method will be removed, which will allow us some significant performance optimizations. See:
  • hamlet now gives you an error message when a class name contains a hash, to avoid the problem of IDs accidentally being slurped up by class names. See:
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