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This wiki is what you make of it! Please link out from here to [[Blog Posts|Blog Posts]] and other docs.


  • [[YESOD Installation Errors|YESOD Installation Errors]]
  • [[Detailed change list]] to learn about breaking changes, [[Changelog]] for a higher-level view.
  • [[Using non-standard package versions|non-standard-versions]]
  • [[1.2 upgrade|1.2 upgrade]]
  • [[1.1 upgrade|1.1 upgrade]]
  • [[0.10 upgrade|0.10 upgrade]]

General docs

  • [[FAQ|faq]]
  • [[Cookbook|Cookbook]]
  • [[Yesod Tutorial|yesod_tutorial]]: Learn by example
  • [[Persistent entity syntax]]

Beginner's section

After the first tutorials (the one above and the tutorial on the first page "tutorial-for-newbies"), you might have a lot of questions and also difficulties when trying to apply the examples from the book to your own cases. In the beginner's section we could try to collect helpful tips to make initial steps a bit easier.

  • [[Why there is an extra header in html?|extra-headers-in-html]] Answer: defaultLayout is different from hamletToRepHtml. Please, see the example.


  • [[Deploying to Heroku|Deploying-Yesod-Apps-to-Heroku]]
  • [[Deploying via Keter alongside Nginx|Deploying-via-Keter-alongside-Nginx]]
  • [[Setting up a virtual machine, using VirtualBox and Vagrant|Setting-up-a-virtual-machine,-using-VirtualBox-and-Vagrant]]
  • [[Setting up PostgreSQL|Setting-up-Postgresql]]
  • [[Powered by|Powered by Yesod]] Yesod

Client side

  • [[CSS Tips|CSS Tips]]
  • [[Serving julius files|Rendering Javascript from a Handler]]
  • [[Javascript Options|Javascript Options]]
  • [[Hamlet]]

Find Code

  • [[Useful snippets|Snippets]]
  • [[Libraries|Yesod Libraries]]
  • [[Other web frameworks that use WAI|WAI web frameworks]]


  • [[TODO list|TODO List]]
  • [[Wish list|Wish List]]
  • [[2.0 Goals]]
  • [[Record Hacks|record-hacks]]
  • [[Developer tools]]