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This tutorial is a project to make a small, beginner level, tutorial to teach how to use the Yesod Web Framework. I started to write it as a beginner with starter-level knowledge on Haskell and Yesod. I have a non-professional Ruby background and I learned some Ruby on Rails with this excellent tutorial: Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Rails by Example written by Michael Hartl.

To gain experience in the Yesod Web Framework and because Yesod misses a beginner level tutorial (my opinion), I started to translate the Ruby on Rails Tutorial to Yesod. It is not meant to explain every technical detail about Yesod and Haskell. I hope it allows starters to find answers to the same simple problems I had with my first steps with Yesod.

Because of my basic knowledge of Haskell and Yesod, and English not being my mother tongue, please, don't hesitate to improve this tutorial.

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