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import Data.List (intercalate, isPrefixOf)
import Control.Applicative ((<$>))
main = do
pkgs <- map (intercalate " == ")
. filter (\xs -> not $ any (`isPrefixOf` xs) $ map return ["parsec", "text", "transformers", "mtl", "HUnit", "QuickCheck", "binary", "zlib", "stm", "regex-compat"])
. map words
. filter (not . null)
. lines
<$> getContents
putStrLn "name: yesod-platform"
putStrLn "version: FIXME"
putStrLn "license: MIT"
putStrLn "license-file: LICENSE"
putStrLn "author: Michael Snoyman <>"
putStrLn "maintainer: Michael Snoyman <>"
putStrLn "synopsis: Meta package for Yesod"
putStrLn "description: Instead of allowing version ranges of dependencies, this package requires specific versions to avoid dependency hell"
putStrLn "category: Web, Yesod"
putStrLn "stability: Stable"
putStrLn "cabal-version: >= 1.6"
putStrLn "build-type: Simple"
putStrLn "homepage:"
putStrLn ""
putStrLn "library"
putStrLn " build-depends: base >= 4 && < 5"
mapM_ go pkgs
putStrLn ""
putStrLn " exposed-modules: Yesod.Platform"
putStrLn ""
putStrLn "source-repository head"
putStrLn " type: git"
putStrLn " location:"
go s = putStrLn $ concat [" , ", s]
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